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I guess there always will be people who find whatever decision BW makes being acceptable for them. What i don't understand is, why do they feel the need to step in every thread created by those who has a different opinion and bash them? It's fine that you guys find this recent repair cost change suitable to you, but why do you have to convince those who thinks differently that they are bads and how they feel is wrong?
I undertand that seeing complaining, especially on massive scale, may sometimes be annoying to you, but isn't it better to just avoid these threads so you don't annoy them and yourself even more?
Be mature and show a bit more tolerance towards other people's opinion and emotons please.
I had to laugh at this. There are many things I dislike about this game, but some I really like so I continue paying, we are not all Biodrones as many people suggest.

As for bashing people many have offered suggestions just to be told they are idiots and it is my way (cheaper repairs) or the highway. Perhaps it is because SWTOR is aimed less at the MMO crowd and more at RPG fans.

I don't have to convince anyone that they are wrong, or bad, but I have every right to call people out who make up statistics and shout because they are not happy. If we do not answer these points BW may well think this is a hugh issue, which in my opinion it isn't, and waste time reversing the change instead of getting on with more important aspects of the game

Your last sentence is the humdinger. The only people here hurling insults like incompetent and just after your post 'little punks' and lemmings is, oh yes, the complainers.