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I guess there always will be people who find whatever decision BW makes being acceptable for them. What i don't understand is, why do they feel the need to step in every thread created by those who has a different opinion and bash them? It's fine that you guys find this recent repair cost change suitable to you, but why do you have to convince those who thinks differently that they are bads and how they feel is wrong?
I undertand that seeing complaining, especially on massive scale, may sometimes be annoying to you, but isn't it better to just avoid these threads so you don't annoy them and yourself even more?
Be mature and show a bit more tolerance towards other people's opinion and emotons please.
This is a good point. There sure are a lot of little turds floating around in this thread. Have a little more empathy and stop acting like little punks. Bioware could have came out and discussed this option before they put it in the game. I think the CIA has less secrets than this company does with their patches.

If some of you love doing dailies like the little lemmings that you are, more power to you. Not everyone likes grinding them out everyday just to be able to raid in the game.