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maybe you're to incompetent to read what I said. I lost more credits then I made today by simply having a few wipes in a flashpoint. That means I completely wasted all my time doing the few dailies I did. I don't enjoy seeing negative results for my efforts.
Then do more dailies. Just the grey trash you pick up along the way doing the soloable Section X ones is easily worth 10k, which should be enough for paying repairs from doing those dailies. And those dailies themselves pay enough to pay that 60k bill of yours. Group up with others for the heroics, and you'll make even more. Add some variation, do the ones on Ilum next day and faceroll Corellia on another. Currently, we also have a Gree event that's worth a similar amount of credits. And there are a lot more places where you can do that than you'd think. With all the dailies and high level heroics available, one could easily make half a million in a day.

The other option, ofcourse, would be to stop wiping in flashpoints. If some dps has a habit of pulling early or breaking CC's: kick him. If you have a habit of pulling early or breaking CC's: quit playing.
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