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Just curious. I find any behaviors within the rules of the game completely acceptable.

As a guild that has always taken the "War" of the Star Wars very seriously, and is extremely loyal to the Republic cause, Pax Republica will not fire on Republic forces on Ilum, unless fired upon first.

I realize the military disadvantage that I bring to our members by stating this directly, but we are prepared to fight honorably.

Sith traitors will be destroyed on site, barring some kind of condition of surrender.

How are your guilds handling this? Are we alone or in the majority?
pax was on twin spears and they were the biggest guild pre launch. and they are the worst pvp guild ive ever seen. i remember when we were all on twin spears me and my guilides used to say," sweet pax is in this wz! easy comms" and we would let them 2 cap 600/300 in civil war just to farm medals. and im pretty sure after reading this intial post u can see why..... effin LAME.
vote for papa palpatine