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Consular storyline is good, but it is marred by the character of the consular himself.
So very much this. I actually find the story interesting, but I stopped playing my Consular because I despise the character. The Consular dialogue comes across far as less as 'wise counselor and teacher.' and far more as 'pompous ***'. And the voice acting doesn't help at all.

That said, of the classes I've actually played to fair degree, I'd say IA at the top followed by Smuggler.

I played a Trooper, but I couldn't really get into it. For me it doesn't have the personal touch that makes the Smuggler fun in spite of not really being involved in the greater events of the Galaxy, nor does it have the 'behind the scenes mover trying to keep the galaxy in one piece in spite of all the crazies." feel of the IA. You're just a grunt doing grunt things, which I don't find terribly exciting.