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The way I see it from the way it's been described is that the Dark Side offers quick, easy power, while the Light offers more total power eventually. If you were going to illustrate this in a game, it would be something like a level 12 sith would be much more powerful than a level 12 jedi, but a level 45 jedi would be more powerful than a level 45 sith, with them reaching power equity around level 40ish.
This is nonsense man.Ofc Yoda is gonna say dark side is ''quicker ,more seductive'' ,he is a jedi,so it doesn't go more biased than that.

I have simple question for you. Name one jedi that eventually got more total power than a sith,simply because he was an adherent to the light side,and not because he was stronger in the force or something like that.

Why there isn't a single jedi that got ''eventualy'' more '' total power'' in all EU and movie history?Yoda was a thousand years old ,surely for that long he should have gathered more ''total power'' than the 60-70 or something year old Palpatine.