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Firestorm has no set policy. Hell we have no policies or rules to speak of except 1. Must be in mumble for guild events...even that is sometimes not enforced.

my personal philosophy on Illum..
If you attack one of my guildmates or groupmates, you die
If you are competing with me for an objective, you die.
If i remember you as a whiny crybaby, or smacktalker from Wz's, you die.
If your in a guild that normally queues with 2 smahers and 2 bubblestuns for wz's, your cheesy arse deserves to die.
If we are actively trying to control middle, and you come to the middle, you die.

otherwise, ill probably walk on by. hell i might even help you kill your npcs.
lol, thats some list there. You'd almost have to play with a cheat sheet. Though i agree with the entire thing. One other personal philosophy i follow is that i do not normally attack folks fighting an end-of-quest mob, though i'll wade in as soon as it dies.