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my LS sith warrior is definitely out to sabotage the empire. he does think the jedi are weak-minded fools, but he thinks the siths as a whole are just as stupid. he'd just like to become emperor himself and then be a bit more 'reasonable'.
he also loves being cocky, has killed a traitor or two, and likes to slap people around.

he's bloody insane.
Yep that's my LS marauder too! She only picks LS choices because I thought that'd be truly evil and would screw over the empire side the most. There was a brief time she relapsed but she's straight LS now. It's also why I have a jedi consular who's a complete psychopath. And throws rocks at people.

LS choices are kinda annoying though. I feel like now I'm more into the game I'm usually sucking up to people or apologizing to people and my character always sounds like a wimp. The sacrifices I make to betray the Empire..