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8) Bounty Hunter. I've only reached Tattooine, but I have an idea as to waht's to come. The class feels to repetitive. Act I and II are all about hunting bounties, and from my understanding act III is similar. While these missions do fit the class, the lack of variety makes the storyline unappealing.
Wait till u end ACT 2 my friend! Things get really really interesting!

These are the only ones I have played so For me:
1: Sith Warrior! Pure hatred/immortal/carnage Awesomeness! Played twice, Jugg. Tank and Mara. DPS!
2: Jedi Knight! Loved the story and playing the Luke Skywalker type hero guy! 2nd run ongoing!
3: Bounty Hunter! Love the Hunt! Gets really intense at the end of act 2! Mercenary and Powertech!
4: Sith Inquisitor! Its all about you here!
5: Trooper! Enjoyed the story of a regular soldier defending and fighting against the Empire!

Might start a Smuggler!
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