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02.16.2013 , 04:34 PM | #168
Cake is a lie, there is only pudding.
Through pudding, I gain calories.
Through calories, I gain weight.
Through weight, I gain girth.
Through girth, my belt is broken.
Dessert shall free me.

See? I can put down mumbo jumbo too. Now let's try to make sense.

In my experience with the sith game (41 assassin, 14 warrior, 12 bounty hunter, 20 agent), dark side choices are all either murder, cruelty, or selfishness. Tried to go dark with my sniper, but I just can't make it fit with someone raised from birth to live and die for the Empire. As light side choices seem to all be either mercy or putting the needs of the Empire before your own desires, my sniper has gone fairly light.