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Hello, this is my first healing class and I'd like to ask for some tips how to PVP better. Currrently, I'm lvl 34 and I'm happy if I can get 100k healing in a WZ and then I see another op medic do 200k on my team at about the same lvl and I'm bummed because I don't understand how he could have possibly done that.

I've read a few generig operative guides #1 #2 (these are bit old but I figured the mechanincs should be the same) on how to manage energy, how to level, what skills to pick in the skill tree.

Here is the skill tree I'm going for. I picked those extra skills in concealment to give me better changes to ninja pylons in the ancient hypergates (AH) wz (which I'm able to do on regular basis if only person guard the pylon - I mean, that is very easy)

So for healing I'm usually using Kolto Injection, Kolto Infusion and Kolto Probe (I'm about 2 lvl away from the Surgical Probe I believe). I almost never use Diagnostic Scan - should I use that more often? To be honest, I don't see the point in PVP of such a long channel with such small healing numbers (compared to the kolto injection and infusion)

I'd appreciate any tips from fellow op healers. I believe I'm pretty good at trying to win the game (doing the objectives right, not going after kills and medals etc). Now I'd like to improve my healing - mostly in PVP. Once I get to lvl 50, I'll be joining my guild on ops but that's another story.

Thank you
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