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02.16.2013 , 12:13 AM | #1
First: The Sad Tale.

I created a guild so that my freinds would have somewhere nice to hang out, and we could level, chat, group up, help each other and so forth, and for a while, the days were golden and the schedule pleasantly full. But alas, my fickle friends have dropped out, one by one, and now there are only 4 of us who play on any regular basis. And because we have jobs and other commitments, we really only get together one night a week, these days, although we may be on separately at other times.

Second: The Leading question.

Are there any social, PvE oriented guilds who don't mind RP, who might consider taking us in -- a merger, if you will, of all our currently active players? We'd like to eventually run OPs, and we're very helpful and friendly, especially to newcomers. I've looked at the enjin list, and you all seem very nice, but if someone's raid slots are all full, or they really don't want any new members just now, I'd hate to bother you.

Thanks in advance.
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