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02.15.2013 , 05:36 PM | #28
I don't think the game has any more (or less) problems than most MMORPGs. The Secret World was supposed to be "the death" of SWTOR and it hasn't been. Those who adore WoW may attack SWTOR because its not WoW-like enough, but WoW is what, 9 years older? Those who despise WoW may hate SWTOR for what it adapts from that game, but I don't blame EA for adapting proven strategies.

However, I do opine that you probably won't stay if you aren't in love with the Star Wars franchise. I don't believe that SWTOR offers much more mechanistically above other games in the genre other than its IP. There are some people who stand by this game because of its original makers, but the majority of die hard defenders are so because its the only true, legal, Star Wars MMORPG out there.