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You left off the part where they come to the forums and exaggerate about how irritating their particular problem is, how many players it effects, and how they're not going to play or pay until the problem is fixed.

Everybody wants their problem fixed first !!

The complaints almost always boil down to just a few things.
1) Players not wanting to put the effort and time into playing enough to earn the best rewards in the game.
2) weird performance issues caused by strained computer hardware with a hard drive full of crud installed on it.
3) weird performance issues caused by Uber 7334 gaming systems that are a mess of poorly configured obscure hardware and not worth the money spent while assembling them. (has to be BW/ can't be my sooper system ~ I A IT JEENIEUS)
3) BW not implementing features than only a tiny fraction of the player base would actually get any use out of.

The truth is, they're here foruming so their carpal tunnel can cool off............because the game is a whole lot of fun.