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Anyway to the other snipers i was having a conversation with in this thread, i found out last night, the problem...

For the loooongest time i've pondered how in the world Gunslingers can hit 2.2k easily while im stuck in the 2100s sustained and I almost gave up and succumbed to the ~"rumors" that Snipers are gimped and GS mechancis are better. GS dot mechanics, however different they may be from a Sniper ~should not give them a DPS advantage. Snipers can definitely hit 2.2k.

MY problem was.. I was using a Blaster Rifle. #facedesk.

Sniper Rifle > Blaster Rifle. Snipe rifle = more DPS. I was surprised I got 2200 5 mins in a few attempts compared to many hours of attempts and not even getting past 2168 with a Blaster. I was mildly surprised and facepalming at the same time. All this time throughout the entirety of the HM TFB patch till last night, i've been rocking a S-311 Fusion Saboteur Blaster Rifle. Hey it looks sexy to me! so w/e ..

Analytical View:

Log View:

Beginning of fight - 00:36:51.747
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