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We mostly agree SWTOR did a better job on the Sith characters' development than the Jedi's, is there any way to improve?

I think Jun Seros got quite good characterization. He was not typical good guy nor a sith, but
But other than him, most of the Jedi are boring and stubborn.

Satele Shan got potential, she should do more than give orders, compare to Malgus she got little development both in the game and the novel/comics. I think the descendent of Revan is totally unnecessary. It affected little in her character and we don't see her walk in both dark and light like Revan or Bastila.

As for JK and JC's masters, they really should play a bigger role, even have some conflict with JK/JC, maybe something like Luke and Obi Wan about Vader's redemption. Compare to Darth Baras and Darth Zash they are nobody.

Not sure about other Jedi characters.