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I'm a big fan of MMOs, having played WoW for several years, then on to games such as GW2, TERA, The Secret World etc. I'm now bored of the MMOs that I HAVE played, and am looking for a place to call my new "home" so to speak, in gaming terms.

I've never really been a fan of the Star Wars franchise whatsoever. Yes, I've seen all of the Star Wars movies including the new prequels etc, although that was around 10 years ago. I don't really remember them much at all, and they didn't particularly interest me enough for SWTOR to grab my attention when it was first released.

Obviously now it's over a year since it was released (or more?) and having been burnt out on other MMOs, I'm looking to try out SWTOR. Therefore, I purchased the Digital Deluxe edition on Origin. I know that the game has gone F2P now, although I figured if I'm gonna be playing an MMO, I may aswell get the most out of it therefore I'll probably be paying subscription anyway once my included 30 days has run out.

I'm just wondering though why there is so much negativity/hate for this game all over the Internet. I often post over at and there's literally a thread there on the main page pretty much every day saying what a disaster SWTOR is and how the game is dead etc etc. The same thing happens to WoW, yet people still play it even with all the negativity surrounding it, so I'm just wondering why exactly SWTOR has such a bad rap.

I've not delved far into it as I've never really been interested in the game, so whenever I saw a thread about SWTOR I'd just ignore it more often than not. Now that I'm interested in playing though, I'm just wondering what all the hate is about. I mean is it REALLY that bad or did people just have too high expectations?

I've purposely put off reading much about SWTOR at all, so that once I log in and create my character later today I can hope to be pleasantly surprised instead of hyping myself up only to be disappointed, which seems to be the case with a lot of SWTOR players. Infact, I don't really know much about the game at all. The thing is, if I hadn't have noticed all the hate surrounding the game, I believe I'd have been drawn to it even sooner. It's just the fact that it was Star Wars in general (which I've never really been a "fan" of so to speak) and people were constantly bashing the game.

Now having purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition, I actually can't wait to start playing, but just figured I'd try to find out exactly why people have been talking about the game like it was such a disappointment. I'm a big fan of themepark MMOs, albeit if there WERE any decent sandboxes out at the moment I'd probably play that, although AFAIK there isn't. Therefore, SWTOR seems to be the best choice for me at the moment, having never tried it out.