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02.14.2013 , 07:03 AM | #93
I have 50 level Vanguard, Guardian 50 level and BH 50 level. Smuggler was my first character ever but played only to level 31 so far. Consular I played about level 25.

My preference goes to BH. It nice easy class that can heal and do some nice damage. Easiest to level so far.
Story isn't bad and you get pretty ambigious swashbuckling experience.

Guardian is pretty good but its sort of odd mixture of being tank and very complicated mechanics when you tank/dps.
Sometimes I feel they are really good othertimes I feel they just feel very average.

I like Smuggler a lot. Its story and playstyle is nice. Put somehow it puts me off a bit. I love the mechanics(used to play rogue in WoW) but its not something I feel is very good for me. Maybe its the style. Or the fact you end being caped crusader with cowboy hat + shotgun. Smuggler idea is fine but I dont like way it is implemented. Just doesnt appeal to me.

Vanguard I like least. Its pretty good in pvp and otherwise but it just doesnt roll my socks. I cant find fault in it but neither I can descripe playing one fun.