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just gone to check out... and my first tough was: what the frak is wrong with that conversion?

as I have a cell and don't really use it much, i often have lots of money that go to waste... but come 'on...

USD to BR real conversion: U$1 usd +/- R$2 reais

the 450 for 4.99 goes for ??? = yes, you guessed right: R$22.84 ... wait what?

ok, ppl have to get money, maybe for R$12~15 but 22 is way too overprice!
It's not about conversion rates of $ to whatever. Ea have to pay the applicable taxes for your region, complain to the government wherever you live for the discrepancy. If your in the EU just hope the US and EU ratify this freetrade agreement soon, everyones a winner if that comes off.
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