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Space combat missions were a BIG credit source on my first character, but there are some more generic tips I have given over the last 13 years playing MMOs:

- do not spend your money on anything you do not absolutely have to. At your level stims and medpacs fall into this category. They can be very attractive, but are NOT necessary.

- do every quest you can, you would be amazed how much the quest rewards add up.

- along those same lines, choose your quest rewards carefully. when you are offered a piece of gear or a planet comm, you sometimes need to weigh the benefits of both. Even if the piece of gear is not an upgrade it might be more valuable for the vendor credits than the one planet comm.

- make sure your inventory is as empty as possible when you go out so you can loot everything. Again, you would be amazed how quickly your credit total grows when you can sell 50 gray items to a vendor.

- have patience. So long as you have enough credits to train all your class and advanced class abilities your credit total is fine. If you can do that AND level your crew skills so much the better.