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The fee to add an augment kit on the table is 30k. The actual augment kit itself must still be made or acquired, and since these currently trade for around 30k and up themselves, it would be more accurate to note that the value of a crafted augment slot for high level gear is closer to 60k, maybe not as valuable as a second of the item, but the presence of the slot should allow the crafter to charge a premium for the item as compared to those without and/or increase the speed with which it sells. Sadly, I have noticed that a lot of sellers hose themselves by selling augmented items for the same prices as non augmented versions. This tends to have the effect of ruining it for everyone, as buyers develop the expectation that they shouldn't pay extra for the augment slot when in truth they should, as it represents an improvement they can't duplicate without non trivial expense, not to mention time and trouble of locating a crafting table and acquiring an augment kit.
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