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Your first character can be a bit of a struggle. - You can go around killing mobs for some credits, and on the way pick up the materials nodes. Slicing the computer terminals and sending your companion(s) out to run missions. – Sell anything you don’t need. – If you want to use your artifice as a crafting skill, best to research your current schematics and reverse engineer the items you can make. Once they turn blue then research the list price on the GTN. – If you can farm materials and make blue or even purple items then selling them on the GTN can make a fair amount. – Do some simple calculations for cost to produce vs sale price minus the GTN tax. – Even a hundred credits profit / item can soon mount up. – Though you’ll probably need Treasure Hunting to go with the Artifice if you want to avoid buying expensive materials off the GTN.

If you are crafting, then always send your companions to get materials. Especially the generic stuff like Brocart filaments, insulating flux and thermionic gel. – Much more cost effective than buying it from crew-skill vendors.

If you have a bit of spare cash then the GTN can be your friend. Check the prices of generic materials. Sometimes someone dumps a few items for the suggested list price, or misses out a zero somewhere…. I bought 99 Krayt Dragon scales once for 40K – Usual price is 4-5K each!

Do some daily quests – at level 18 you could probably easily solo some heroic 2s at level 10 or so – Even do the Black Talon a couple of times, either solo or in group.

Group questing usually yields better drops from the mobs you kill. If you are sensible on your need/greed this can keep the credits rolling in. side missions are good too. Try ones around your level for the right rewards. Don’t try to take on every single mob in the game. Choose your targets carefully. Some are quite tough, and if you are continually defeated and paying for repairs then your bank balance will suffer.

Some space missions can yield money – the rewards are small at lower level, but OTOH there is minimal cost - You don’t have to pay repair bills to the ship even if you fail the mission.

If you have friends or are in a guild, you could ask them for a loan. –Best pay it back when you can to keep them sweet!

If you have some Cartel coins either by subbing or paying IRL then sell anything you don’t want or need. If you undercut some of the prices on the GTN then that can make for a quick sale. For example I recently got a WARZONE XP boost in a cartel pack. As I’m basically PvE that went straight on the market.

When you level up, sometimes it pays to wait until you actually need the skill on offer. – Speeder rank II can wait a few levels for instance. Also, if your gear can stand it, then don’t go for the absolute best. A purple hilt or mod or crystal is great, but you’ll outlevel it soon enough and need a new one. Save the credits and buy blue or green if you’re on a budget. Sell everything you’ll not need again. Old mods, hilts, level 10 medpacks, everything. – You might be surprised the number of characters with 3 cargo bays full of useless junk. – Ever going to need a piece of green armouring for a level 11 again – no?

At level 18 or so, probably best to gear up just 1 companion and stick with it. Match your playstyle to that companion for a bit. If you have a companion that can use your gear Hand-me-downs you can save quite a bit of cash. – As you rise through the levels, you’ll probably find 1 companion that gets used almost all the time. – That’s the one to keep geared. The others can wait. Also spend your planetary commendations. You’ll not need them in a few levels time, you’ll be too high a level to make much use of them, so spend them now!

There are many more strategies, but I’ll leave those for another time.


Good luck out there, May the Force be with You / Up the Empire!
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