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02.12.2013 , 02:16 AM | #92
For me, the Scoundrel/Smuggler is the funnest AC I have played in this game. It has done what I thought no other AC could do, and that's surpass my BH Powertech/Pyrotech.

I love the animations, I LOVE shooting my enemy in the back with my shot gun, bashing someone with my pistol, AND sucker punching my enemy to a quick death. I absolutely love being able to fire off a couple of heals to players I see in trouble too.

If that didn't convince you of my love for the Scoundrel, let me say this....I stayed on Taris an extra two days just because I was killing everything in sight. How could I not shoot, bash, and punch ever Rakghoul I saw in the face? :-D

If we're talking story, though. My LS Sith Warrior is hands down my favorite story in the game.
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