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maybe noob question, but what actually happens when someone screams out long in general chat "advanced something hilt/barrel/mod 27, no fee, your mats.."

Then am I supposed to send him those mats and he will craft the item for me at no fee and send back to me?

I hardly believe in that, what would be the purpose of it?
Yes, that is the gist of it. I do that a lot actually (on Progenitor) - I make my profits off any crits I get (which produces two items for the price of one). So there is nothing to be leery of, except of course that you have to trust the crafter you make the deal with. There is any number of ways verify this, asking for references, looking at the guild tag, etc.

Generally scamming someone for a few mats isn't worth losing your name in the crafting business on any given server.

You don't send the mats to them, you find them on the fleet/planet and trade the item for the materials. I've heard of people saying they lost their mats and didn't get the item when they mailed it to the person that was crafting. So always make sure the person has the item on hand before trading.
Always send materials COD for 1 credit - that way you get a receipt (and noone cares about 1 credit)

You can get a 25% chance to crit, 15 base/10 for orange items. Guessing at lvl 400 they are all yellow to craft.
legacy perk is for augment slots only. please let me know when this was changed to additional items too.
A full affection companion has a 20% crit chance to crit, any companion bonus on top of that (the ship droid with the sensors from the ship repair droid give +5% to a few skills at least), and 3% from legacy perk = you can get up to 28% crit chance. And legacy perk always affected crit crafts in general, doesn't matter what craft or effect a crit has (ie. two items or augment slot is the same).