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02.10.2013 , 02:56 PM | #478
Initially when I first got the CE Edition I had figured that the exclusive store would be updated with each expansion. But then I was also expecting a new expansion every 3-4 months. (I'm a Sims 3 player, don't hate me)

I was also surprised it took them so long to put up a cash store. I was kinda expecting one. (Sims 3 player)

I'm not really surprised that the Cartel Market is getting updated almost every week. (The Sims 3 store is too) And yeah, part of me does think that what was released in the Cartel Market was meant for the Collector's Edition Store. But if they need the money that badly...

I'd rather get stiffed with the Collectors Edition Store and still get to play the game, then them having to shut down the servers. But that's just me.