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02.10.2013 , 09:39 AM | #474
The Collector's Edition vendor not being updated, has been a big blessing for me. A really big one, as a Collector's Edition owner. I say this, as Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of three MMO's I currently have a subscription too. I personally feel, I am I not subscribing, it is not worth my time to play.
That said, I am all for supporting a game's cash cow. There's not a mini pet or mount on Blizzard's store I don't own for World of Warcraft. There's nothing on the store for DC Universe Online I don't own (minus the DLC, as you get that free with your subscription). However, while I have dropped quite a bit of cash on the Cartel Market, I just won't drop would I would like too, so, I spend more on the competition. For me, it comes down to as a developer, you want my money. As your costumer, I want what I paid for. It really is that easy.
Oh, and I would like to point out one of the most funniest things I have read here on the forums. Those attempting to say that as a Collector's Edition owner I already got what I paid for. To be blunt, that cracks me up. Either you are trolling, or you simply don't recall how the Collector's Edition was advertised. The Collector's Edition vendor, along with regular updates, was how it was advertised. To say you have one, but not the other, was not how it was promised. The two aren't mutually exclusive. They aren't independent of the other. Not once, did I ever see the vendor mentioned, minus the updates. If there was and I missed it, my bad, as that advertisement was few and far between.
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