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Lately, up at the Black Hole running the dailies, some players feel like you need to stop and ask their permission to take a crate or a node that they're near to.

For instance:

Myself and another player get to the same spot at the same time from different directions. He went for the npc's, I went for the crate. I left the area then get a message telling me I wasn't suppose to take the crate that it was his.

I see a group of 2 players and their companions go for a group of npc's which I was going for, so I went for the group directly opposite them on the other side. They finished first being it was 4 of them. Upon finishing I see there's a node of metals near them. As I ride towards to the node I see they were just standing there doing nothing, so I continued towards the node. I get there and I take it. Again, I get another whisper telling me I should of asked permission being the node was theirs.

I remember when I first got to these dalies how other players would come by as I was fighting and take the crates near me, but I never said anything about it. Soon after, I learned that you go for the crates before you begin to fight. Common sense.

I already know the way things are in this game having been here from jump strreet and having played MMO's for many years. I know there's little concern from others as far as decorum is concerned. Most players want and go for theirs and too bad for everyone else. But I usually try to be fair and helpful in most things although most times it's not appreciated by others.

I don't feel like I did anything wrong in either case. But I'd like to hear your take on these type of situations.
They did the correct thing by going after the NPCs to clear them first before going after the crate.

You did the disingenuous thing by snaking the crate first, leaving the NPCs to be finished off by someone else.

Ergo, they did the work, you got the spoils.

In the future, start gauging whether the nodes are "yours" are not by whether you engaged the NPCs around it first. If I start shooting those NPCs, you should presume that my intent is to clear out the NPCs and grab the nodes. You can ask for clarification if you like, but you ought to wait until I'm done fighting for an answer. If you just move in to steal the nodes, yeah, your bad. I'd have called you out on it too.

Especially now that they've revamped the respawns and timers, there's no reason to be running in and snaking someone else's objective. Error on the side of politeness, and go find another node to grab, or stand there and wait for them to clear out the NPCs. If they clear out the NPCs and then run off without grabbing the nodes, then they're open season.
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