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this issue has been brought up for years to the Devs and on the forums. Evidently they do not have anyone talented enough on the BW staff to make mando armor. Such a shame, you would think in a SW IP MMO Mando would be an option for every BH.. Maybe the next SW game will have it, because I wouldn't hold your breath on seeing anything people actually want here. I wouldn'ty even bank on see anything the Devs promised in the game, Guild ships promised before launch or shortly after, where are they BW? No one knows, but hey! we have some iconic pink light sabers.. Because you know thousands of people requested that.. I love how they just take all these ideas and promise them and listen to the community, than do whatever they want without regard.. Oh and that x-mas speeder covered with lights, $18 USD was a steal! BRAVO, just BRAAA VOOO BW!

Oh and what ever MOD removed this post before, I'm sorry that you disagree with my opinion but big kids use words and don't just delete posts. So lets put our big kid pants on and use our words ok? Atta boy!
SWTOR is a good game, its not great, its no where near as good as SWG, but is a good game!
BW are fantastic at Mass Effect, but i dont know what happened to our beloved Star wars mmo franchise.
If Bioware dont start doing what they promise, they are going to go bust. It dosent take a genius to see it coming.

I give this game another years and unless things change, they are going to have to shut down the game.
I hope someone from BW reads this and understand where we are coming from.

I agree with you btw.