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Funny this type of thread got bumped. I just finished my 8th and last story in the middle of last week. And I am a super casual Bioware, so it is time to get the new story content out there. Not all of us are going to "gear up" or PVP.

Who has the best story?

As has been said time and again, Imperial Agent was very good. The only downside is how long it took to get to the second companion. The companions were a pretty well thought out and interesting group. Only problem I had is why did Temple have to go back to the ship so much LOL. Kaliyo gave me the biggest emotional reaction of any companion, so I think that helped with the story as well.

I liked the Bounty Hunter story as well. Maybe since it is my first one, I dunno. I am actually thinking about playing it again as it has been a year now for the character. I guess I will just get a different trait line. The Bounty Hunter's companions are good if for no other reason than we get Blizz. Gault and Mako are good too and even if I find him blah, Torian fits in well. There have been many threads on Skadge, but I found him funny.

As for worst stories, as many have said it was consular to me. I enjoyed the second and third chapter, but the first chapter was too repetitive. I think the inquisitor storyline was someone what similar in that regard to chapter 1. Also, don't get me started on the SI back and forth on Dromund Kaas, that got old.

I did enjoy Trooper, Sith Warrior, Jedi Knight and Smuggler stories though, The Trooper chapter 1 was pretty good too as the villains were interesting. This made it somewhat less repetiitve than others with regards to 5 planets.

As for companions, I wish more story would have been written about?

Broonmark, Akaavi Spar and Xalek, just seemed kind of thrown in there. I wish there was more "fleshing out" to them. Also, the Nadia Grell romance was way too fast. I know it was because she showed up late, but there could have been a couple of more conversations easily.

Hummorous companions?

M1-4X is one I really enjoyed. Nothing like a patriotic robot. Guus Taano is great too as many have said.

Lastly, I do want to end with what I have found to be the most humorous story so far.

Playing a dark side Jedi Knight gave me more laughs than anything. I think the writer really gave some funny lines in that.
, I have similar feelings with Smuggler and some of their companions.

Good stuff Bioware, now just please give us some more story. And hopefully, one day, some more talking with existing companions.
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