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This ^^^^^. Pretty simple as a lot of people have said if someone is fighting that mob they are most likely going for that node otherwise they probably would not be there give it a minute or just move on. This is not that complicated just be respectful if you are in line to get something do you just run the to the front knock the guys teeth out and say well I am the strongest so I can go first? No because there are consequences to your action unfortunately in an MMO we can't really do anything to you so people feel free to do what they want.
Not when it comes to the crates in blackhole it doesn't.Most of the time people fighting mobs near a crate are still on the kill count part of the quest,and most sane individuals click crate first if they pass the kc stage.Ughhh
Do you say "could care less"? Please,for the love of god,watch this instructional video