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I have completed all but Trooper and Smuggler Storylines, but here is my outlook:


SI and SW companions are great, i really enjoy the healers and I am sure people dont like Talos, but he is such an archeology nut, it makes sense IMO. I love customziation and there is alot of stuff you can do with these companions.

Agent companions much like the BH companions are great and they accent the job you are doing and make IMO a great deal of sense.

Consuler companions are pretty decent, i used the Tharan customization that makes him a black guy with cybereyes, and I love that look for him. I did not like him with the red beard at all, kinda wish he was not so anti force though.

Jedi Knight: I like Kira, Not a fan of Doc at all, he just has no flow IMO. I overall dislike this characters companions. I think this has alot to do with customization, Just not feeling these


That is a hard one. Alot of people disliked the consuler, but i loved it. Some parts i suppose could have been better.

I would probally say that IA is truly the overall best story, but so far I have enjoyed all of them.