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This is something that seriously bothers me, and I let the offending players know it. Reported be damned, I don't care. If you are going to hijack a node from someone very obviously fighting mobs to get at it then you deserve to be called any number of choice names, curses, slurs and profanity I can think of at the time.

The fact is that there are some quest mobs, and nodes that can't "be got" before killing the trash nearby. Even Black Hole, before the server consolidations, was never like that. People assumed, and respected that if you were fighting near something, you intended to collect it. After the merges there were too many people and not enough nodes, so people started changing the rules.

I respect that if someone is fighting near a node, they probably want it. Wait for them to leave or move on to the next one, no need to rush in and grab the node out from under them. Its just bad form, and makes you look like jerk. The fact is, many of are clicking the boxes first out of necessity, its like you can't remember the time when people respected each other in this game. It sickens me to think that its come to this. Also if someone is running towards an objective and you fly in on your speeder and nab it compare it to cutting someone off on the highway, "hey man, not my problem he was taking too long to go". We all hate when people don't respect basic driving principles, why do it here too?

I suggest everyone take a step back and re-evaluate what you are doing out there, and realize that the respect of other players in the community goes a long way to helping you succeed in this game, and in life.
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