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02.09.2013 , 09:01 PM | #116
Having usually played DPS roles (even on my 'healers) I decided myself to switch to a Tank class and build so I rolled a Vanguard. I was in an easy heroic and the sent kept leaping into the fight before I had grabbed full agro from all the mobs of the groups. I repeatedly told him to WAIT until all the mobs were on me and I had triggered my very visible explosive type AOE to let the group know they could attack now.

Never listened and then complained that I was a bad tank because he kept getting agro, when he would leap in before I HAD agro. Yeah. I ejected him. As a Vanguard I have lots of agro gaining tools. There is no excuse for a group member not to wait until I signal the attack when I have CLEARLY stated what that signal was. So OP, I feel your pain. Running a pure Tank class has made me a significantly better DPS player on my other characters because I know now what to look out for and when to throttle back my attacks so the Tank can maintain agro.

The only time I ignore that advice is if a mob has pealed off and goes after the healer, and then I'll do everything I can to change it's agro focus.