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I have done the SW, and SI storys, and am currently on chapter 2 of the IA's

The inquisitor is really boring, but has an incredibly climactic ending.
All you do is go fetch something in chap. 1, fetch ghosts in chap. 2, and heal then kill some worthless darth in chap. 3

SW was okay, never really outstanding and never particularly dramatic but it worked fine. Villian is pretty cool too.

IA is incredible so far. There are different outcomes, consequences to your actions, surreal moments, drama, twists, and (gasp) occasional emotion in your characters voice!

I am about halfway through chapter 2 on IA, and the first chapter was good. For example, you can choose to get an injection to make you look like a normal buyer of a chemical you need.

One of the responses is "theres no way you're injecting anything into me" and there are 2 other options.

It does not seem to matter, you think you'll get an injection anyways, or that nothing will happen as the result of looking normal. But no, you have a fight if you are not injected.

The first chapter, i'll admit, I don't particularly like being unconnected with the other two, it just ends, and you are sent on a new mission. For what it was though, it was great. Chapter 2 seems like much more of a flowing narrative, and is good so far.