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Lately, up at the Black Hole running the dailies, some players feel like you need to stop and ask their permission to take a crate or a node that they're near to.

For instance:

Myself and another player get to the same spot at the same time from different directions. He went for the npc's, I went for the crate. I left the area then get a message telling me I wasn't suppose to take the crate that it was his.

I see a group of 2 players and their companions go for a group of npc's which I was going for, so I went for the group directly opposite them on the other side. They finished first being it was 4 of them. Upon finishing I see there's a node of metals near them. As I ride towards to the node I see they were just standing there doing nothing, so I continued towards the node. I get there and I take it. Again, I get another whisper telling me I should of asked permission being the node was theirs.

I remember when I first got to these dalies how other players would come by as I was fighting and take the crates near me, but I never said anything about it. Soon after, I learned that you go for the crates before you begin to fight. Common sense.

I already know the way things are in this game having been here from jump strreet and having played MMO's for many years. I know there's little concern from others as far as decorum is concerned. Most players want and go for theirs and too bad for everyone else. But I usually try to be fair and helpful in most things although most times it's not appreciated by others.

I don't feel like I did anything wrong in either case. But I'd like to hear your take on these type of situations.

It is simple logic.

You let your companion tank the NPCs for a second while you get the create first. Then kill the NPCs after.

If someone can't figure that out on their own... Survival of the fittest.
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