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02.09.2013 , 08:11 PM | #15
It's stupid.The crate is right there at the mobs,it takes all of 3 seconds to grab the crate and then finish off the mobs.At that lvl you are not weak to those mobs at all,specially with your companion with you.If i see you fighting those mobs,the crate is there and you haven't bothered to click it yet,i'm grabbing it.

Blackhole when i do my dailys at prime is usually crowded,if i stand there fighting a mob and haven't grabbed the crate,it's snatched from me in a few seconds guaranteed.That's why i go for it first,and that's why everyone should.

Seriously,are you expecting someone that comes along and needs a crate,to stand there,ask you if you need it while you are fighting mobs,and then wait for your answer before moving on?Whilst at that time,it's nearly certain another random will come along and grab it while you're both wasting time.

Just click your crate first for gods sakes.
Do you say "could care less"? Please,for the love of god,watch this instructional video