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Then why not give us a blog about the revamped ilum pvp? this reputation system is nothing but carrot-on-a-stick filler for grind donkeys. And they aren't even using fresh carrots. This whole proposed system is garbage. If having reputation with a given faction meant something beyond a title and "some kind of gear" it would be way more impactful. Give each faction a collective reputation. Allow us to actually sway Voss and Gree sentiment, and then give us meaningful rewards for doing so.

Not to mention that the only new content that even seems to be included in this reputation system is whatever crazy crap they come up with for the gree/ilum pve event. This is grasping at straws, hoping people are dumb enough to think the new wrapper isn't hiding tI he same ****.

The whole blog just made this update feel really weak. Quick, give us some good news, because this certainly doesn't make me want to keep playing.

Im like bigeast G E A R I repeat GEAR GRIND Monkey out there. I wanna gear grind for BiS all day long. And then when I come with this full Legend armor set I wanna come to a casual like u and oneshoot u and make u so so mad that next time I open forum that ur name will be first of the firsts in the cry list.

And btw bioware if u dont give us some OP **** rep gear like in WoW this is gona fail!