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02.09.2013 , 04:05 PM | #17
They have said that it will all depend on how well Cathar sell.

So will we see Togruta possibly, will it be soon well that will depend on people purchasing Cathar. They ship them more than anything else then the money guys will telling them to put resources into getting more Species out quick. As it becomes a win win, with BW making money their goal and the players getting something that has been asked for, for a long time.

It is also better PR for BW as they aren't selling players something that already exists in game and arguably should not be costing 14 bucks like the starter outfits. While also adding to the Star Wars experience.

Down side of course is that Cathar don't appear to be overly feline but rather humans with face paints and bad hair cuts. Are people going to spend money to get to play that? I hope so cause I want to see more species but with no player feedback on what species to pick then weighing any chance of new species on it BW aren't exactly making it a good option.