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02.09.2013 , 03:38 PM | #1
Hey guys, I'm pretty sure there are thousands of suggestions like this but its been bothering me and I think alot of bounty hunters agree with me. I've been looking at forums, discussions, hundreds of websites and this is one of the main Bounty Hunter themes; "Anyone knows an authentic Mandalorian outfit?" Well there are thousands of pieces but non actually look Mandalorian so heres my idea, pretty simple and basic since there are already existing models of the light blue old school mandalorian armor in the mandalorian enlave which is pretty cool tbh. but we needs atleast one for players too! So please BioWare give us that outfit especially because the new expansion is coming you could do a patch adding it. Thanks for reading this and if anyone agrees with me please make sure you leave a reply like "I agree" or something so BioW might consider. Have a nice day all!