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Quote: Originally Posted by Khayleth View Post
Bioware has already addressed the issue of Togruta fairly recently, please read the following to understand.
you think we don't 'understand' just because we .want. something?

I've .wanted. Togruta ever since I first .heard. of this game. (well, as mentioned before since beta I wanted my sage to be a togruta, but the idea of my 'main', a 'healer', being a togruta was formed waaaay before that)

I'm also well aware of the difficulty of new races, especially when it comes down to clipping, but it still doens't change the fact that when Bioware doesn't know there is .demand. they are less likely to put effort into it.

even if they said 'there will most definitely never in a million years be togruta playable' I'd make it a point every once in a while that I .want. my togruta sage. and I want it yesterday.