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02.09.2013 , 11:31 AM | #322
I will consider my thoughts on this to be neutral overall. I'm going to do Section X anyway for BH comms once a week (nothing more, yuck), so why not give me rep as I go.

The new Gree event should be exciting, although I'm hoping I dont have to PVP if I dont want to. Time will tell what exactly that has in store for us. This will be my first World Event since I subbed beginning of Sept.

H4 missions on Voss weren't very fun, but the planet was the most beautiful planet I think, so it will be nice to revisit because of that at least. Maybe if EA-BW adds the Voss heroics to Group Finder with a daily reward as incentive that could help.

The down side of this is the Space Missions rep. I've only done about 2 space missions ever ha. I'd rather see EA-BW give us swoop track racing or POD racing if it was invented yet. I enjoyed Ep 1 Pod Racer back in the day ha. Then a new rep system for racing of course. It would be brand new, so everyone would be doing it for the new content and not just for the grind.

Positives and negatives make me neutral.