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sorry, sorry,

the Cathar have been "coming soon" since 1.2, and there is still no confirmed date for when theyre gunna be released, let alone any other species

doesn't mean one can't ask.

I for example held off on playing a sage for the longest time(read: back in beta) because I was dead set on my sage HAVING to be a togruta. I even only played a scoundrel as a 'substitute healing class' just because of that. it took me a year - and the definite confirmation that we can get a 'high number of extra character slots' - to finally give in and just play a sage as a different race. (this was actually close to becoming such a high annoyance for me that it was on my list of reasons to not play this game anymore)

and you know what? as soon as togruta become playable I will create a new sage.