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02.08.2013 , 02:29 PM | #423
Just adding my name to the pile here. This service is badly needed to mitigate player frustration over having characters spread all over the place and not being able to take full advantage of Legacy. I said this is another thread, but will repeat here: if you're going to add something as awesome as Legacy, but do it post-launch and make it server-restricted, you've got to allow people to consolidate their characters if they want after the fact.

If this had been a feature at launch, then choosing to roll on multiple servers was your own call and you should deal with it. But Legacy wasn't there at launch, nor were there any warnings that maybe rolling your characters on more than one server would be a move that could be severely limiting later on. C'mon BW, do the right thing here. There are so few servers now that imbalance can't be too high of a concern...there are only so many places you can go!