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True enough! And it was one of the worst things ever! Why would we want to see the return of something so aweful?
Because you have to have faith that other people think like you do......assuming you believe that you yourself think rationally.

My little sister would make her Jedi pink in a heartbeat, but she's a little girl and she'd make it look cute, not clown-ish. (and probably rack up a huge cartel-market bill on my credit card....)

Like you, everyone was thrilled with the color-match because it meant no more rediculousness. None of those people are looking to go back to that, so you don't have to worry about the vast majority. FTPers will have to pay for the dye-unlock, so they won't waste a dye-kit to make their toon look like a clown, especially since they can do it for free right now. So you're left with the little girls, like my sister, who would make it look cute, and the wierdos who are already running around in the absurd default-colors.

The end result isn't really going to change, there's no reason to restrict colors.
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