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I'm a new player to SWTOR and decided to make a Sith Sorcerer as my first character. I have few questions about leveling in general and my class.

Firstly, i'd like to know if Lightning is preferred leveling spec? If not, why so? Im currently using Khem Val as tank and do ranged dps to mow down enemies. Madness-tree also seemed very good from the looks of it and would like to try it out. If you've played sorc, which spec would you take for leveling?

Also am i able to level in PVP matches (warzones?) or just by traditional questing?
All 3 Specs work fine for leveling (mind you healing tree will let you solo harder heroic zones with Khemmy, no matter what tree you go with Sorcs always take ~9 points in lighting first to good to pass up).
You get XP in everything you do PvP, Flashpoints (use the group finder for 5 bonus commendations Yippe), questing and Space missions.