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Last night felt like pug RWZ night, I guess once people heard about the shifted team they decided to throw some teams together... A pug with Skillxx in it, a few people from ID were in a team with some pugs, Wanted got a group together, and we got a mixed Republic group going, it was a good time. Thanks for the games.
We've been queuing pretty regularly, but it was nice to see some other teams in the mix. We got off to a bit of a rough start, kicking off the first game of the night without realizing one person was AFK when we queued (and it had to be a Voidstar on defense, of course). Had our sorc pulling him out of the spawn so he wouldn't get booted, lol.

Kudos to you guys for putting together a great mixed group, by the way. We're so used to playing only ID that it actually took a bit of adjusting to play somebody different. Never had a chance to play Shifted, but I believe we can credit them with the two empty RWZs we ended up in. Matched up against Wrath for a game last night as well, so that was fun getting to play our old Thana Vesh rivals
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