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Thanks for the personals ad, I feel.....closer to you now.

You're still missing my point though. The top tier schematics were available to crafters from their crew skills vendor at the onset of the game. Those wares were BOP when crafted. I.e., they could not be sold. THAT was the reward for choosing synth weaving , armormech, artifice, etc. you could outfit yourself in top tier gear.....non-mod-able gear, but top grade.

So, why would it be bad to , with the coming expansion, allow level 400 crafters the ability to do the same thing again? Even if you don't want to allow them to craft grade 28 or 29 stuff (dread guard +1 and +2), why not allow them to craft BOP 63 stuff?
Whoa, I completely missed your original point.

I could see the value in crafting BOP stuff. However, the Rakata belt and bracers were pretty terrible, (in my opinion). I believe the reasoning behind that were to prevent crafters from making gear with level 58 mods and armoring that could be ripped out and redistributed.

What sort of BOP stuff would you like to see crafted?