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I have a question about the Legacy of Crafting perk.

Does the Augmented Benefit that it offers only pertain to the crewskills like Armstech, Armormech, and Synthweaving, or can it help others as well?

I know that I can add Augmentation Slots to weapons and clothing or armor, but I have yet to see any Augmented Result for any of my Artifice Items or even my BioChem crewskills. I am just wondering if it is a waste to even invest in it for both those skills. The only things I can think of that I can make which would have a chance of Augmented results is my Light Sabers and maybe my Shields/Focus items for Artifice, if they can have Augmentation Slots added to them. I never tried to add any to the Shields or Focuses. Then for BioChem I am not even sure if the Implants can have Augmentation Slots added as I have never tried that as well. Maybe I should look at them next time I log into the game.

But anyways, would it be worth investing in the Legacy of Crafting perks for say Artifice or even Biochem for that matter? Or would that be a waste of Credits?
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