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I will typically buy level 1 gear (except the armor as you get that in a reward for your first space mission) and use those parts until I can buy/equip Tier 2 crafted space components. Once I can do that, I keep using Tier 2 components until I can equip Tier 4 components in the ship as Tier 2 crafted are better than the tier 3 you buy from the space vendor in my opinion.

Now that Tier 7 parts are out, I'll typically keep using Tier 4 until I hit lvl 50 and can buy/equip the T7 gear.

Prior to the Tier 7 "heroic" space missions I never bought/used any of the 4 'addons' to the ship, like proton torpedos or the power conversion module. They may be nice, but they're not needed to complete any of the 'original' space missions.
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