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no i came from eq1 and eq2 where crafting was far more involved and complicated. where you had a chance of failure and rare materials HAD to be harvested or mobs killed by yourself as some were no-trade (bop). also you had to physically craft and not click a button then go afk or send a companion out. there was a mechanic in place to make bop items which require you to meet the player at a crafting station and both of you had to be there. god forbid if you failed on the combine and wasted the materials. cant fail in this game. dont have to go anywhere either. just summon a mail droid and send your companion out and continue on with what you are doing.

but your answer is what i anticipated when you differentiate between guildies and non guildies. that is ok as in this game far too many people have 26/27 schematics where reputation plays very little of a role. i also understand the trusting part as i have been playing these mmos for over 12 years. i too would do the swap thing if i didn't have so many schematics. but i dont advertise on fleet to make this or that. i only make items for the gtn and guildies. you did comment about making a agreement prior to the crafting which i am in favor of and have always done over the years. it eliminates a lot of potential problems that can come up. but many people dont do this so i asked the question specifically without such agreements. i am more interested in peoples responses to what i said about crits and reasons for it. also i was unaware blizzard had a similar mechanic and would have not made the post if this was known.

thank you for your response
Oh I played EQ1 as well, so I remember all too well that chance of failure . It especially sucked when you failed twice or three times in a row (a rare occurrence, but it did happen). And I remember having to wait in line to kill pixies to get a material for Halas Meat Pies because it was a no trade (BoP) item (luckily one drop was enough to make a LOT of Halas Meat Pies). What I disliked about the guild hall in EQ1 was that it had all the crafting stations (oven, distillery, loom, etc) but no vendors to buy vendor only materials. So you went out to PoK to buy the materials and the crafting stations were there too so why bother going back to the guild hall?

As for WoW's similar mechanic...In WoW the alchemy crafting profession had a mastery system where the player chooses a mastery: potions, elixirs/flasks, or transmutation. And while the mastery did not restrict what the alchemist could make (a transmutation master could also make potions, elixirs, and flasks), if the alchemist crafted within his mastery there was a 15% (locked in) chance of generating 1 to 4 extras of that item. Further, a lot of the transmutation recipes were in a linked 24 hour cooldown; you could do one of about a dozen transmutes and all would be locked out for the duration of the cooldown. So it was quite common for players to "sell" their one transmute each day. And the potential for extras was a hotbed of debate as to who got what. The eventual consensus was that the players involved had to come to an agreement before the transaction and there were a LOT of variations. Even so, there were many times when extras were generated and one player tried to rip off the other.